Who is Dr. JackieDr. Jacqueline Owusu (Dr. Jackie) is the senior pastor of Living Free Now Int’l Ministry, Christian motivational speaker, physician, author, wife and mother of two boys. She is actively pursuing her call to motivate and encourage others to live a burden free life by knowing their position with God. The solution is overcoming life’s trials and tribulations by receiving salvation in Jesus Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the written and living Word of God to us. Only then will each person be directed to the path of righteousness and the unique destiny God has for their life. Her goal is to encourage people to see who they are in Christ no matter what circumstances surround them.

Overcoming the Past

Dr. Jackie was born in Ghana, West Africa and came to the United States in 1981 to rejoin her family. She felt a deep seated need for love and affection after being separated as an infant until she was ten years old. Looking for the answer to this need took her into “all the wrong places” while growing up into adulthood. Dr. Jackie was finally liberated when she received salvation and developed a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She is so full of joy and hope that her new mission in life is helping others experience this same freedom by overcoming whatever is holding them back from receiving their blessings.

Educational Background

After high school, Dr. Jackie received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA). Then after attending medical school she was awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD), specializing and becoming Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Obedience to Her Calling

As a practicing physician and grateful to God for allowing her to serve in this capacity, she still felt a void in her life. There was no sense of contentment with her life. The question, “Besides being a doctor and owning several businesses, is that all there is to my life?” gnawed at her. So she started searching for what the “missing” more could be.

That search for significance led Dr. Jackie again to God for the answers. One day, she felt a nudging “to let go and let God.” She broke down and cried out, “Father God, I want Your perfect will and purpose to be done in my life.” By His Grace, Dr. Jackie’s life began to change. She had known for a very long time that there was a calling of ministry on her life but she had been running away from it. She always says, ”You can run only for so long from God but at His appointed time, you can no longer run.” Now, bolstered by the knowledge that she has obtained through her life experiences, Dr. Jackie is sure “without a doubt” that she is being obedient to her ministry calling to motivate and encourage others to live free in God. She also uses her gift of singing to minister songs that will help heal the wounded soul. Her favorite saying is, “It is better to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty when God is your Father!” By letting God, He will ultimately allow you to become the best YOU that you can be! Dr. Jackie has been married to her husband Nana Osei Bediako for over ten years. They have two sons, Matthew and Michael. Nana Osei, Dr. Jackie and their children live in Georgia. They attend church at LIVING Free Now in Columbus, Georgia.

Mr. Osei Bediako and his wife Dr. Jacqueline Owusu are the founder and co-founder of Living Free Now International Ministries. This ministry has many componenets which includes a Television outreach, national and international conferences, inspirational books, DVDs and partnerships with individuals and various organizations to help spread the Good News of the Lord and expand God’s kingdom.


PASTOR BENJAMIN WHITTAKER - Associate Pastor & Director of Outreach Evangelism

PASTOR ALICUA NESBITT - Associate Pastor & Director of the Overcomers Ministry

PASTOR ERIC McCLURE - Pastor & Director of Church Laison

PASTOR ORENZA LONDON - Pastor & Director of Children’s Ministry

REVEREND BIBLLY BOB HENDERSON - Affiliate Minister – The Redeemed Outreach Ministry / Billy Bob Ministry

MINISTER DEBORAH AROWOLO - Minister on the LFN Prayerline

MINISTER FELIX EIGBIRE - Minister on the LFN Prayerline


The Ralston Towers

Living Free Now International Ministries has partnered with The Ralston Towers to provide food, clothing, and ministry to low income individuals every Tuesday and Sunday   at 2pm. The love of God is free and unconditional to us all. Therefore in recognizing and appreciating what he does for us everyday, we should be able to give back to those less fortunate. There is joy and fulfillment in giving to others. This is hard work and mandate many resources, therefore your financial reward is welcomed and appreciated in order to continue and carry this ministry to its full potential. Thank you and God Bless You!

You can contact Dr. Jackie at drjackie@livingfreenow.org or other members in our office at info@livingfreenow.org.

May God Continue to Bless You and May you Live Free in Him!

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