Benefits of Membership and Supporters/Query

Why should I join Living Free Now membership? What do I get out of it?

As a member of Living Free Now International Ministries you will receive email on all of Dr. Jackie’s upcoming books, products, and guest appearances. The only thing required of you is that you allow Living Free Now organization to e-mail you a newsletter with updates about new products and special offers. The membership is free.

How much does it Cost to become a member of Living Free

Membership is free!

What is the difference between being a member vs. being a supporter?

Memberships is described above. Being a supporter, you will give donations of any amount to help support the mission of Living Free Now International Ministries which is to teach and spread the Good News of the Lord God globally via various outlets. In becoming a supporter, your name can be pulled out of the pool of names used when Living Free Now International Ministries  selects winners for its bi-annual give away drawing. Donations can be given by calling 1.800.595.5484 or our website there is a place to donate.

What does Living Free Now get out of this?

It is an avenue for Living Free Now International Ministries to appreciate and give back to their friends who frequently visit their online site and buy their products.

What is the Living Free Now organization give-away all about?

Living Free Now International Ministries gives away gifts and money two times a year to the organizations supporters who are selected. We do this to show our love and appreciation for the seed sowed in many lives by your donations.

When does the Living Free Now organization give-away take place?

Just stay tuned, the times vary, and we will send information as the times are approaching.

If you’ve read the above questions and answers and agree to become a member, join our mailing list and receive information from Living Free Now International Ministries and Dr. Jackie, click here to enroll!

To become a supporter, please call 1.800.595.5484 or on our website there a place to donate. Thank you for your support and you will be kept informed of our progress!



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